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I remember gaming in the 1980’s on a classic Atari 2600 when things were simple and you simply switched the machine on and played a cartridge. Nowadays its disk-less consoles and game logic that is being funneled through remote servers.

Online multiplayer gaming has advanced leaps and bounds from its first debut in 1984 when CompuServe would host sessions for $12 an hour! Luckily nowadays you can spend that amount per month for a standard starter server with most games that have private dedicated server capability.

I have watched the online gaming world flourish into a new generation of electronic entertainment, especially with the explosion of e-sports currently happening.

I have put together this collection of prices for Minecraft server hosting in one place so its easy to compare providers. Having to go through Google results and compare these prices with reviews and features can be a time consuming task. With this website it can take you minutes to reach a reasonable conclusion.