Top 7 Building Tips In Minecraft

Becoming a master builder in Minecraft takes time and effort, it’s not something that is going to happen over night. Many professional builders start off with very little experience, but have the drive and determination to improve their skills.

Builders like Grian, A1MostAddicted and Block Fortress have all excelled in the building world using advice and tips from other advanced builders to hone their skills. Here are the top 7 tips from professionals to help you become a better builder.

My Top 7 Tips For Minecraft Builders

1. Work from a plan

Planning is a very important part of building, which a lot of players seem to neglect. Having a basic plan or vision of what you want your build to look like will help in the process.

Minecraft Building Plan

It’s a good idea to first plan out your build and have some external ideas and images, for example if you wanted to build an ancient temple, find images on Google of a temple that matches the idea in your head. This is a great way to understand the scale and finer details of the building you are constructing. All great artists and builders draw their inspiration from the world around them, you can apply this to Minecraft too.

2. Colour match

If you want to obtain realism in your build, remember to colour match. Many builders will fail to add depth to their buildings by using an obscure colour pallet. This can be great if you’re trying to create a wacky rainbow coloured building.

However if you want your creation to represent a real world structure you will need to consider shading in your work, for example you could dramatically change the texture of your walls and roofing by adding lighter and darker shades of the colour you use. This will get rid of the flat look that using only one colour creates. This technique is typically used on larger projects due to the scale you have to work with.

Minecraft Block Colour Guide

It’s suggested by building experts that between 4 and 8 colours are perfect for small builds.If you’re planning to build something larger with shading you could consider using between 10 and 25 different colours. But keep in mind that they need to match if you want to create a realistic structure. If you’re not going for realism, then go wild, it doesn’t really matter.

3. Start small

If you’re new to Minecraft it’s best to start small. I often see new players trying to create huge buildings that look clunky and are badly designed. This isn’t to say that these are “bad” designs. You can just see that they have missed out on the planning and overall execution.

It’s better to start small and create something you’re familiar with. A house is a great place to start because it’s a structure that we all know. If you don’t want to build a building then why not build a big TV or radio. Stick to ideas and design you are familiar with to get better results. Practice makes perfect and starting small will help you become a master builder in no time.

4. Build as much as possible

As you build more structures you will start to experience first hand what works and what doesn’t. If you’re planning to become a master builder you will need to work on hundreds of structures to perfect your skills.

Minecraft Building Example

Don’t get caught up on the finer details of the build. It’s easy to get consumed by perfecting every last block, but it’s also very time consuming. Try to focus on the building as a whole rather than in sections. The details are only the icing on the cake. The more you build, the faster your skills will improve. You can always fine tune your build at the end of the project.

5. Ask you friends for help

Large projects are often completed by communities of players that all have the same goal.

If you have a well mapped out plan or vision you could always ask your friends to help build your masterpiece.

A lot of the foundation work that you cannot see on the finished project can be done by helpers.

Obviously if you want it a certain way it may be better to take on the task yourself. But having other players help can make the experience more satisfying.

6. Build on your own server

Keeping your build safe is a must. Make sure you are building on your own private server and not on a global server.

You want to avoid other players interfering with your work so set up a world that only you and your friends can access.

There is nothing worse than logging in the next day to find your build has been stripped or sabotaged.

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7. Get feedback

Ask your friends and other Minecraft players for feedback. You can simply take screenshots of your world and post them on your social media or send them directly to friends. You could always include videos and a description of your build. Try to give your audience as much information about your build as possible. If they know what your initial plan was they will be able to give better, more valuable feedback. Being open to criticism is a great way to improve your skills as a builder.

You could also post your build on community Minecraft forums asking for feedback from other builders. Ask questions like:

  • What do you think of my build?
  • How could I improve it?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • Does the build match the plan or idea I started with?

It’s important to remember that other players don’t have all the answers. We all approach the building scene in our own way. There is no wrong right answer when it comes to building. Just build and have fun.