Top 8 Minecraft Server Mods

If you’ve created your own server and you’re looking to improve your Minecraft experience you can do so with mods.

My Top 8 Minecraft Server Mods List

The following list highlights my top 8 Minecraft server mods that will improve the game for both new and advanced players.

Of course there are hundreds of mods available to download but I have listed the ones that I believe should be on all servers.

All the following mods act as quality of life improvements on the vanilla experience.

1. Not Enough Items

Not Enough Items Mod

Minecraft has so many recipes, which makes it very time consuming switching between the Minecraft client and a recipe wiki.

This is where “Not enough items” will make your life so much easier. You can instantly look up recipes for any item both vanilla and mod that is available on your game world.

The mod will appear as a simple and easy to use interface within the inventory screen. From there you can quickly look up and craft the items you are looking for.

2. Journey Map

Journey Map ModIf you have not yet crafted a map and a compass in Minecraft then you may struggle to find your way around the world.

It’s very annoying spending hours building a base only to forget where you built it.

With the mod “Journeymap” you can avoid losing your base and track your adventure progress easily.

The mod also allows you to add markers on the map to help you find key locations again like bases, mines and resources.

The map can be loaded via an external browser, the mini-map or opened on the full screen.

Journeymap also has a built-in feature that alerts you when mobs are near making this a very versatile mod for all adventurers.

3. Fastcraft and Optifine

Fastcraft Mod

If you’re looking to improve the graphics or performance of Minecraft you can with two separate mods.

Fastcraft is perfect for players with older, slower computers. This mods will improve the overall performance of your Minecraft experience and can help if you’re struggling to run mods on your world.

The mod improves the back-end performance of your game rather than the aesthetics and textures.

Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to have a high spec computer that doesn’t struggle to run mods you can vastly improve the look of Minecraft with the mod “ Optifine.”

This mod will add HD support and additional texture options within the settings menu.

4. Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks Mod

Replacing items, tools and inventory management can often be a chore when you have a lot of resources.

With “Inventory Tweaks” you can easily speed up item management with chest and inventory sorting that can be done via the middle-click button on the mouse.

The sorting process can also be customised and tweaked and allows players to automatically stack blocks and items as well as replace tools and weapons that break on your hot bar with replacements within your inventory.

This mod streamlines a lot of the smaller details that were missed in Minecraft and makes it a perfect addition to any modded server.

5. Chisel 2

Chisel 2 Mod

Have you ever noticed how boring the texture on the cobblestone is. The default vanilla Minecraft server only loads just one texture which really limits in-game decor choices for players that want to get creative with their buildings.

Chisel 2 adds an extra 24 textures just for cobblestone and has a huge range of additional textures across all of the game’s default and modded blocks.

This is a great mod for any players that want to improve their build realism.

6. Decocraft

Decocraft Mod

Vanilla Minecraft has a limited amount of items that you can decorate your home with. Of course you can create a bed, add a block table, chairs and some bookcases, but this doesn’t capture the realism of a real building.

With the Decocraft mod you can add loads of items including bottles, kitchen units, toys, lighting, fine dinning chairs and tables, kegs, tableware and more.

The list of items you can craft is huge and will give you plenty of options when designing your next home.

For the full list of items see the wiki page.

7. Pig Manure

Pig Manure Mod

If you’re looking for a new material to add to your game “Pig Manure” is a great resource to add to the list.

Manure is useful for both building and farming and of course can be obtained by finding a pig and collecting it’s manure.

The resource is dropped randomly but you can improve your harvest by building a pig farm.

The manure can be used in a furnace to create bricks which can be used for house building. Alternatively you can spread it on your crops as a replacement for bone meal.

This will help your crops grow as it’s used as fertilizer.

8. Minecraft In a Chest

Minecraft In A Chest Mod

For the last mod I wanted to share the mini version of Minecraft that is playable within a Minecraft chest.

Mod creator “SethBling” has cleverly built a 2D version of the game that fully customises your 3D version.

When you leave the chest version of your world all of the changes that you have made within the chest will apply to the 3D world, it really is both mind bending and amazing how this mod works on a conceptual level.

Words can’t do this mod justice, so I would suggest that you take a look at the mod yourself on YouTube.

He has also made the mod available via a link on his YouTube video so be sure to check it out.

How to upload Mods

If you want to upload any of the mods listed in this article you will first need to host your own server.

This can either be done locally on your own PC or privately via a ready to go third party hosting company.

My home page guide contains all of the cheapest but established companies that I have tested myself.